‘We just want results!’ French fisheries blow their top in fury at Macron’s threats to UK

French fisherman says he’s ‘fed up of Britain pushing him around’

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French fisheries have said they are tired of the rhetoric from the President and want him to drop the war of words with the UK. They want a “political dialogue” to fix their post-Brexit licence issues rather than the repeated veiled threats coming form the Élysée Palace.

Mr Macron’s repeatedly warned he is willing to cause havoc with Britain’s supply chains by slowing down customs checks at ports unless more licences for access to UK waters are granted.

Last week he also demanded the EU launch legal proceedings against the UK for failing to approve enough applications.

Artus Galiay, the representative to the UK for the Hauts-de-France region that includes Calais and many of those fisheries impacted by Brexit, told Express.co.uk it was “unfortunate” Mr Macron had resorted to demanding such action.

He told Express.co.uk: “I see the French government has now asked the EU to launch specific action against the UK to make sure the licences are provided.

“What I think in my view is unfortunate is that all that should be solved through political dialogue between France and the UK.

The Frenchman said the upcoming Presidential election next year was likely to have played a part in the negotiating strategy taken by Mr Macron.

He told this website fisheries in the region were fed up of being repeatedly used by politicians for political gain.

“People locally are really used to politicians coming and making big promises,” he said.

“All they want really is results.

“For them this is not just a political issue it’s really about their livelihoods and being able to continue living just as they have for years or even decades.”

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Mr Galiay added: “What local people say is that they are still short of about 65 licences.”

“It’s good some progress has been made on that front but so far it’s still not fully solved in terms of the overall issue.

“It’s unfortunate these kind of means are used by the French government to achieve that end because it’s not just about fishing, we have so many join issues between the UK and France.

“We have to work together on tackling migration and tackling human trafficking following the horrific incident a few weeks ago when 27 migrants died trying to cross the Channel because of the absence of a political dialogue on that front.”

The UK says 98 percent of all fishing licence applications from the EU have been granted.

Fisheries must provide proof they have had historic access to UK waters in order to be given a permit.

British officials say only those who have been unable to provide the necessary evidence have had their applications rejected.

They have vowed to continue working with France to approve licences wherever possible.

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