Voters back Farage plan for PR and to boot out unelected peers

UK: Pro-PR activists protest against unfair voting system outside parliament

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An exclusive new poll has revealed that voters in the UK are prepared to accept a massive overhaul of the British establisment in a dramatic equivalent to the Brexit revolution. According to the Redfield and Wilton poll 54 percent of voters want proportional representation to be introduced for the House of Commons while 51 percent believe unelected peers in the House of Lords should be ejected.

The results come in after Richard Tice’s Reform Party announced that it was backing electoral reform to break the stranglehold on the system of the Conservatives and Labour.

The plans originated from the party’s previous incarnation of the Brexit Party when it was led by Nigel Farage who has also taken to social media to call for the change.

It comes as thousands of Tory voters have been switching to Reform who are now at 5 percent in the weekly Techne UK/ tracker poll and up to 9 percent in other polls.

Mr Tice and Mr Farage believe their party can only make a significant breakthrough if the constituency based First Past the Post System which favours the Conservatives and Labour is abolished.

They also wanted unelected peers in the House of Lords, which is dominated by anti-Brexit Remoaners like Lord Adonis who tried to thwart the 2016 referendum result, to replaced with an elected chamber.

According to the Redfield and Wilton poll of 1,500 voters, 54 percent agree with Reform UK that proportional representation needs to be introduced.

The idea is also backed by the Greens and Lib Dems.

Meanwhile, 34 percent want the Lords replaced with an elected chamber or Senate while almost one in five (18 percent) just want it scrapped altogether.

The overall total of 51 percent reflects anger at the left leaning peers who used their Remainer majority to try to thwart Brexit and have tried to block immigration and legal reforms to tackle climate change protesters put forward by the Conservative Government.

The plan to replace the Lords with an elected Chamber has also been backed by Labour and Sir Keir Starmer who announced the new policy earlier this month.

Currently, there are 786 peers in the Lords making it the second-largest legislative chamber in the world behind the Chinese National People’s Congress.

Mr Farage, who is life President of Reform UK and a GB News presenter, told “Change politics for good was the Brexit Party slogan in 2019 and we were right.”

Mr Tice added: “People want change, people are not happy with the status quo, they feel the traditional systems have failed the electorate.”

Asmong the almost 800 peers in the lords are 25 Church of England bishops who are there because England stiolhas an established church with the Monarch as its head.

King Charles when he was Prince of Wales questioned that role and suggested he should be “Head of all faiths” not just the Church of England.

Bishops have used their position to push leftwing woke policies and oppose things like the deportation of illegal migrants to Rwanda.

Earlier this year a Techne UK poll found that 62 percent of voters want Bishops removed from Parliament.


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