Surprise poll shows a majority Conservatives want tax rises

Techne's Michela Morizzo explains this week's poll results

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A shock poll has revealed that a majority of Tory voters have abandoned their traditional support for low taxes and backed Rishi Sunak’s plans to raise taxes to help plug the budget black hole left by the pandemic and war in Ukraine. But the exclusive Techne UK polling for has revealed that Britain is deeply divided and evenly split over the two key issues of economic policy and immigration control.

According to the survey of 1,624 voters over November 2 and 3, 41 percent did not think Mr Sunak’s plans for tax rises were justified but 40 percent supported them.

Meanwhile, Ms Braverman was accused of using inflamatory language when she described the 38,000 illegal immigrants ot cross the Channel as “an invasion” during a statement in the Commons this week.

While 44 percent of those polled supported her another 40 percent disagreed with her characterisation of the crisis.

The results underline deep divisions within the UK which appear to have been in place since the 2016 EU referendum led to Brexit.

One shock result though was that Conservative voters in 2019 were more likely to back tax rises by 43 percent to 40 percent.

This was reflected in the fact that higher income categories of voters are more likely to support tax rises by 56 perent to 30 percent after a disatrous period for Mr Sunak’s predeceessor Liz Truss whose Premiership only last 48 days after she tried to slash taxes in her mini budget.

Support for tax rises fell to 32 percent in the lowest income brackets where people’s budgets are less flexible.

There was also little support for tax rises among young voters with just 32 percent of 18 to 34 year olds backing them compared to 42 percent opposing them.

Pensioners though support tax rises by 45 percent to 39 percent.

For once Remainers and Leavers in 2016 are evenly split on the issue with 44 percent of pro-EU voters backing rises and 42 percent of pro-Brexit voters.

There is a much wider divide on the migrant crisis.

Suella Braverman’s tough language was backed by 2016 Leave voters by 53 percent to 29 percent while it was opposed by Remainers by 50 percent 37 percent.

However, in a surprise result almost four in 10 supporters of leftwing pro-open borders parties backed Ms Braverman – Labour 38 percent, Lib Dems 42 percent and Greens 38 percent.

Ms Braverman appeared to be close to the hearts of Conservative voters with two thirds (65 percent) backing her comments.

People on low incomes also supported her by 48 percent to 38 percent while the well off categories opposed by 52 percet to 35 percent.


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