Sunak faces collapse in Tory support as civil war over Boris hits them in poll

Nigel Farage gives verdict on Boris Johnson row

The Conservative Party is on course to witness its worst-ever defeat at the polls after Labour’s lead grew by three points this week.

The devastating figures have dealt a hammer blow to Rishi Sunak’s leadership as the Tories spent the last seven days tearing the party apart in a civil war over Boris Johnson.

The latest Techne UK weekly tracker poll was published shortly before Nadine Dorries and Mr Johnson triggered a crisis by announcing their intention to resign as MPs.

It was followed within 24 hours by another former minister, Nigel Adams, then the party became wracked with recriminations.

Yesterday, the Privileges Committee published its controversial and damning report stating Mr Johnson had deliberately misled Parliament.

And this had a big impact on voter intentions in the tracker poll.

A survey of 1,625 voters revealed Labour’s support had soared by two points to 44 percent.

Meanwhile, the Tories’ support fell by one point to 28 percent.

One of the beneficiaries was Richard Tice’s Reform UK party which went up one to 6 percent, while the Lib Dems fell back a point to 11 percent and the Greens remained static on 5 percent.

Michela Morizzo, chief executive of Techne UK, said: “The political earthquake with its epicenter in the Conservative Party characterized the political week and the shock wave involved Downing Street.

“Johnson’s resignation has moved the consensus, which, although limited to a single point, has highlighted the fact that the Conservatives are really struggling.

“Sir Keir Starmer’s party increases it’s lead over Rishi Sunak’s Conservatives to 16 points.

“These results may also bode badly for the upcoming two by-elections that have been called in Selby and Uxbridge and Ruislip South. An aura of uncertainty remains about what will happen in the coming weeks in the political arena, when Boris Johnson’s political plans will also be clearer.”

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According to the election prediction website Electoral Calculus, this poll would give Labour a majority of 190 and see the Tories reduced to a mere 154 seats worse than the historic low of 1997 under John Major’s leadership.

The results put the Conservatives behind in every age category apart from people aged 65 and over where they hold a narrow 38 percent to 37 percent lead.

Among 18-to-34-year-olds Labour lead the Conservatives by 51 percent to 18 percent.

Worryingly for Mr Sunak, one in five (20 percent) 2019 Tory voters now back Labour and only 65 percent of them would still vote Conservative.

It is also seeing a loss in Leave voters from 2016, down to 44 percent.

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