Sturgeon’s decision to parade EU flag on Scottish public buildings to spark ‘culture war’

Nicola Sturgeon slammed for EU flag flying plan by Galloway

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George Galloway denounced the SNP leader’s plan to only fly the United Kingdom’s flag once a year on Remembrance Sunday in Scotland. Mr Galloway added that only a “lifetime of a domestic rabbit” has passed since Scotland’s 2014 ‘once in a generation’ referendum on Scottish independence. 

He said: “As Nicola Sturgeon has announced this week, the flag of the United Kingdom will be flown on public buildings in Scotland but once a year on Remembrance Sunday.

“Every other day of the year it will be replaced by the European Union flag.

“I am not making any of this up, a European Union that Scotland was never a member of and will never be a member of, which the British people including 1 million Scots have already left.

“Now some people talk about cultural wars and flags, it has come to Scotland as I always predicted it would.

“This is the Ulsterisation of Scottish politics and against it I will stand with the last of my breathe.

“Scotland is not Ireland, Scotland exercised its right of self-determination, only a lifetime of a domestic rabbit ago.”

Last week Ms Sturgeon’s order to fly the EU’s flag over Scottish Government buildings drew criticism from a Tory Minister.

Conservative MP James Cleverly mocked the move during an interview with LBC’s Nick Ferrari.

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Mr Ferrari said: “Nicola Sturgeon has ordered that the EU flag be flown on Scottish Government buildings, despite the UK having left the EU.

“What would you say to Nicola Sturgeon?”

Mr Cleverly replied: “It strikes me she’s really not good at listening to people when they make their voices known at referenda.

“In 2014 the people of Scotland by a majority said they wanted to remain part of the UK and the people of the UK by a majority said they wanted to leave the EU.”


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He added: “Scotland is part of the UK, we are no longer part of the EU, that is the way the world actually is.”

A recent poll of more than 16,000 readers showed overwhelming support to ban the SNP leader from flying the EU flag.

The survey was conducted on Friday, February 19, from 11.19am to 9.00pm, and asked 16,393 online readers, should Nicola Sturgeon be banned from flying the EU flag?

A massive 92 percent (15,070) of respondents voted “yes” and the remaining eight percent (1,323) of respondents voted “no”.

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