‘Stop procrastinating!’ Boris urged to get tough in Brexit talks NOW as ‘time has run out’

EU refuse to end ECJ oversight in Norther Ireland Protocol talks

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The Government has been accused of “procrastinating” as the talks reach a pinnacle stage in the pursuit of an agreement. Jamie Bryson, an author and commentator, has been very vocal about the Government’s handling of the Northern Ireland Protocol, and believes that not enough is being done.

Mr Bryson had previously written a book entitled ‘Brexit Betrayed – Writings From the Referendum To The Betrayal Act’ which, according to his Twitter account, argues the “betrayal of NI has its roots in the Belfast Agreement & explores how the Brexit deal undermines the sovereignty of the UK”.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, he said: “The Government is procrastinating.

“Time has run out, it is time for political unionism to deliver consequences for the efforts to subjugate NI into an economic United Ireland.

“It is important not to leave people in loyalist communities feeling like politics has failed, because people may then unfortunately look to the threats of violence issued by nationalists which were rewarded and conclude that’s the only option left.

“So in order to ensure we don’t arrive at that point, and no one wants to see that, it’s imperative there is robust political retaliation.

“The notion that we are actually ‘negotiating’ on how hard the internal UK border is going to be- put there to appease nationalists and the Irish Government- is an absurdity.

“If the EU and Irish Government want checks then put them where they belong- on the sovereign land border.”

Bertie Ahern, former leader of Fianna Fáil, enraged loyalists with his recent comments about the Protocol.

Mr Ahern said: “I spend a lot of my life still in the North.

“The reality is in East Belfast and in the ghettos and in the areas where you’re likely to get trouble, is that people haven’t got a clue about the protocol, not a clue.

“They see it as an identity.

“They see it as a road to the Dublin Government taking over again and this is a pathway to that.

“That’s the hard reality.”

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Speaking of these comments, Mr Bryson said: “In recent days we have seen outrageous comments from Bertie Ahern labelling loyalists effectively as stupid and our communities as Ghettos.

“He’d be better served staying in his own territorial ghetto rather than interfering in the internal affairs of the United Kingdom.

“Loyalism understands the Protocol perfectly.

“The problem the covetous Irish Government has is that we understand it too well, we can see through their strategic land grab.

“If Ahern wanted to further fan the flames in loyalist communities, he certainly has achieved his objective.

“It is those types of comments, and the diktats the EU and Irish Government purport to issue that will sadly act as a recruiting sergeant for loyalist paramilitary groups.

“That is why it is even more imperative that political unionism shows that politics and using the legal process is the best weapon we have.”

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