Starmer to face ‘real problems’ if Labour fails to win next by-election ‘Lose again&again’

Keir Starmer may face 'real problems' warns Burgon

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Labour MP Richard Burgon warned party leader Sir Keir Starmer of further problems if they fail to win the Batley and Spen by-election. While speaking on Politics Live, Mr Burgon argued that the Labour Party needed to look at their failures and learn from them. This follows a shock victory to the Conservative Party’s Hartlepool candidate Jill Mortimer which brought into question Sir Keir’s status as party leader.

Mr Burgon said: “Obviously if Labour doesn’t win in Batley and Spen by-election then Keir will have real problems.

“He will be losing again and again and obviously politics takes its course.

“Let’s work as hard as we can to win, I am sure that is something that both David, Lord Blunkett, and I are both passionate about getting Labour to win in Batley and Spen.

“Tracey Brabin’s victory in West Yorkshire was fantastic but we can’t take the election in Batley and Spen for granted.”

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Mr Burgon insisted that Labour needed to look inward to discover what problems they could improve on for future elections.

He said: “What the leadership needs to do is learn the lessons from the failures of the last week.

“We need to learn the lessons from the failures of Hartlepool and look at how do we move forward.

“How do we get into a position where we can make a concrete policy offer to people in Batley and Spen which ensures that we win it just as we did back in 2019.”

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Following the historic loss in Hartlepool, political commentators have questioned whether this would spark the downward spiral of the Labour Party. 

Sir Keir Starmer suffered a humiliating defeat in the recent local council elections, as Boris Johnson’s Tories swept all before them. 

In a stunning series of reversals, the Labour Party lost over 260 councillors, while the Tories picked up almost 300. 

At the time of writing, the Conservatives had gained control of 13 councils, while Labour had lost overall control of eight.

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Ex-Brexit Party MEP Rupert Lowe warned Sir Keir there was no way for the Labour Party to return to its former glory.

Rupert Lowe tweeted: “A defeated Labour politician says ‘the voters have let us down.’

“No, you have let them down again and again.

“This is the beginning of the end of the Labour party and they deserve it.

“Brexit has exposed their contempt for their voters and now we can all see it. No way back.”

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