Sky News’ Beth Rigby points out Keir Starmer has ‘set a trap’ for Boris Johnson

Keir Starmer has 'set a trap for Boris Johnson' says Rigby

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Sky News’ political editor Beth Rigby has said Labour Leader Keir Starmer “has set a trap” for Boris Johnson amidst a ferocious Prime Ministers Questions. Ms Rigby explained how the Labour leader has got the Prime Minister to say on record that he denies making the statement that he would let “the bodies pile high into the thousands” in order to avoid the second lockdown at the end of last year.

Ms Rigby said: “He’s been known in the past as the Teflon Tory, a man who has had a number of scandals in his personal and professional life.

“But Boris Johnson seems to breeze on through it, he wins elections.”

The political editor added how a Tory source told her: “The thing with Boris Johnson is ‘it is transactional with the Conservative Party’, they put up with some of the heat around him in order to win elections.

“But there today, he didn’t look like it wasn’t sticking, he looked really rattled, he got red-faced, he was angry.”

She added: “And for Keir Starmer, that name-calling that he threw back on the Prime Minister… The Prime Minister being ‘Major Sleaze’, he hopes that that will stick and that will begin to take the shine off him with voters.

“He was clearly trying to set a trap if you like for the future in the House of Commons, getting the Prime Minister to put on the record that he did not make those remarks – which the Prime Minister did.”

Ms Rigby told Sky news how Starmer then announced to the Commons: “Ministers who knowingly mislead Parliament will be expected to offer their resignation, there will be more on this, believe you me’.”

Rigby explained: “Keir Starmer there, putting it on the record that the Prime Minister said no.”

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