Rishi Sunak compared to Holly Willoughby after ‘patronising’ speech

Rishi Sunak’s “patronising” speech to business leaders today has been hilariously compared with Holly Willoughby’s “are you ok?” speech after the Philip Scofield controversy on This Morning. Mr Sunak was attempting to alleviate bosses’ fears after the Bank of England raised the base interest rate from 4.5 to 5 percent – its highest level in 15 years. 

Writing for iNews, political commentator Paul Waugh described the PM’s contrition to key industry figures as his “Holly Willoughby moment”. 

Saying the cloying speech came across as “patronising and cloth-eared”, he wrote: “After the sacking of her former co-host Phillip Schofield, Willoughby had famously turned This Morning into This Mourning.

“Looking down the barrel of the camera, she asked viewers: ‘Firstly, are you OK?’

“Sunak inadvertently tried the same trick with about as much success.”

Appearing for his latest “PM Connect” event in front of an audience of IKEA logistics workers in Kent, the pleading Prime Minister said: “It is going to be OK and we are going to get through this and that is the most important thing I wanted to let you know today.”

Tearing into Mr Sunak, Mr Waugh added: “Not so much empathetically engaged as pathetically out of touch, the PM’s use of the Royal ‘we’ may well grate with millions of people facing mortgage misery or higher rents (as their landlords try to maintain their own income).”

The Bank’s governor, Andrew Bailey, said of the change that “we know this is hard” but “if we don’t raise rates now, it could be worse later”.

Mr Bailey added that in order to get inflation down, “we cannot continue to have the current level of wage increases”.

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“We can’t have companies seeking to rebuild profit margins which means prices continue to go up at their current rates,” he adds.

Mr Sunak assured the business leaders that he is “totally on it” when it comes to tackling inflation.

When asked if an economic recession is a price worth paying for getting inflation down, he responded: “Nobody wants to see a recession.”

He went on to claim part of the reason prices are rising is because the “economy has done better” and that the UK had previously avoided a recession, and insisted that halving inflation is the “right priority” in order to fund “all the things we want”.

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