Over 90% do not trust Jeremy Hunt to unleash full potential of Brexit

Jeremy Hunt delivers speech on plans for the UK economy

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Chancellor Jeremy Hunt delivered his first big speech on the UK economy since his Autumn Statement in November. He said he wants to see the UK take advantage of Brexit at Bloomberg’s European headquarters in London on Friday, January 27. However, a new Express.co.uk poll has found over 90 percent of readers do not trust Mr Hunt to unleash the full potential of the UK’s freedom from the European Union.

Mr Hunt promised to use “Brexit freedoms” to increase growth and productivity in the UK, emphasising that the Government had a plan for “long-term prosperity based on British genius and British hard work”.

He explained that Brexit could be a “catalyst” for growth. He said: “We want to be one of the most prosperous countries in Europe. Today I want to set out our plan to address those issues. That plan, our plan for growth is necessitated, energised and made possible by Brexit.”

He continued: “Our plan for growth is a plan built on the freedoms which Brexit provides. It is a plan to raise productivity.” He said his plan focuses on four pillars: “Enterprise, education, employment and everywhere”.

Labour’s Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves agreed with Mr Hunt that the UK economy had “so much potential”, but claimed only the Labour Party’s plans could seize it. She said: “The Tories have no plan for now, and no plan for the future. It’s time for a Labour government that will build a better Britain.”

In a poll that ran from midday on Friday, January 27, to 11am on Tuesday, January 31, Express.co.uk asked readers: “Do you trust Jeremy Hunt to unleash the full potential of Brexit?”

Overall, 3,634 readers responded, with the overwhelming majority, 91 percent (3,290 people), answering “no” they do not trust Mr Hunt to deliver Brexit’s potential.

Whereas eight percent (295 people) said “yes” they did, and a further one percent (49 people) said they did not know either way.

Hundreds of comments were left below the accompanying article as readers shared their thoughts on Mr Hunt’s plans for the UK’s post-Brexit economy.

Many readers commented that they did not trust Mr Hunt, with username Lordh writing: “I wouldn’t trust him with anything.”

Similarly, username dejaview said: “I don’t trust Jeremy Hunt, full stop!”

Another, username MrsMitchell wrote: “I don’t trust him, never have and never will.”

While username EUhater666 said he is “not to be trusted with anything Brexit related” as Mr Hunt supported remain in the 2016 referendum.


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Yet some readers thought Mr Hunt had the ability to deliver the full potential of Brexit. Username peter mendes said: “Of course he will, I cannot see Labour, the Lib Dems or any other minor political party being able to do it.”

While username Sapientem said: “Trust him to unleash Britain’s potential? Absolutely. But…the real question is how much potential there actually is.”

Likewise, username DB_Analyst had concerns about Brexit opportunities, commenting: “I trust Mr Hunt but regretfully there is no potential with Brexit, let alone full.”

The UK marks three years since its withdrawal from the EU on Tuesday, January 31, but many readers argue that the UK has not reached the full potential of Brexit.

Username Mick D added: “There is no Brexit potential to unleash! If there is, we would see it by now.”

Similarly, username WeeIain said: “There is no Brexit potential. This is it, as good as it gets.”

Username takeonefortheiteam said: “There are no opportunities, only a huge net downside.”

And username ChillyPenguin said: “There is no ‘full potential of Brexit’. This is Brexit that we have now. This is what it looks like. It’s never going to get a whole lot better, I’m afraid.”

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