Nigel Farage warns Boris close to ‘selling out Brexit’ as he lashes out at No10 infighting

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The resignation of Boris Johnson’s Chief Adviser, Dominic Cummings, is a sign that the “Leavers are leaving Downing Street”, according to Nigel Farage. The former Brexit Party leader spoke to talkRADIO about why the exit of Mr Cummings and Number 10’s Head of Communications Lee Cain, both Vote Leave campaign managers, will have an effect on the outcome of the Brexit process. Mr Farage also questioned who was really “in charge” of the Government’s approach to trade deal talks with the EU.

He told listeners: “The one observation I’ve got is that the Leavers are leaving Downing Street.

“Dominic Cummings is a very odd chap, but he was bright enough to understand that leaving the European Union was about getting back control over our lives.

“He was bright enough to understand that millions of people had deserted the Labour Party and voted Ukip and voted Brexit.

“He knew that if he got the pitch right on Brexit, on immigration, on the north of England, they would vote Conservative, or at least lend their votes to the Conservative Party.”

Mr Farage continued: “And, personal feelings aside, he absolutely wanted to get a proper Brexit delivered.

“He knew that was the way they would keep those voters for the next election.

“Seeing him and Lee Cain walking out, you ask yourself who’s in charge?

“Well, Queen Carrie clearly is very influential, and Allegra Stratton, who on a personal level is delightful but used to work for the BBC, used to write for the Guardian.”

The former Ukip leader added: “Then you’ve got the Goves and people like that on the edges, advocating a much softer line on Brexit.

“It also looks likely we’re going to get a pro-Brussels, pro-Dublin President in the USA.

“I just had this terrible sinking feeling over the weekend that Boris is very close to selling out on Brexit.”

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Mr Cain was offered a promotion to Chief of Staff, but will instead be leaving next month.

Mr Cummings claims he was always planning to leave his job by Christmas.

Number 10 has denied that the Prime Minister has been distracted by the ongoing infighting.

Brexit talks on the future relationship between the UK and EU have resumed in Brussels.

Last week they took place in London as both sides worked to “redouble efforts” to meet the transition period deadline.

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