Nicola Sturgeon warned of ‘untold financial damage’ to Scotland if independence secured

SNP warned of ‘untold financial damage’ from independence

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Scottish Conservative MSP for Dumfriesshire Oliver Mundell warned First Minister Nicola Sturgeon of the dangers of an independent Scotland. During an interview with, Mr Mundell insisted an independent Scotland would cost the Scottish people jobs, force them to increase taxes and cause financial harm. He added the SNP party was unclear about the practicalities of independence and what it would mean for the Scottish people.

Mr Mundell said: “We have heard the SNP crow about how bad Brexit would be and the financial consequences of that.

“If you think leaving the European Union, something we were a part of for decades was tough, just wait.

“Wanting to break a union that is one of the closest unions of the world that has existed for centuries there is going to be untold financial damage to the economy.

“It is going to put jobs at risk and I think it is a huge distraction from the challenges Scotland faces.”

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Mr Mundell attacked the SNP for its lack of clarity in how an independent Scotland would operate.

He said: “Even those in the SNP seem confused about what our currency would be.

“They seem confused about how our national debt would be divided up.

“They are unable to explain how they would meet the shortfall in tax returns.

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“At the moment, one of the significant benefits of being part of the United Kingdom is that per head, Scotland receives more money back than it pays in.

“That is paying for public services here in Scotland.

“In order to balance the books, there would have to be significant austerity and tax rises.

“We just don’t hear any credible explanation from the SNP on how they would deal with that.

“The truth is that they don’t want to tell voters what this means.

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“Because if people knew what it meant for them they would never vote it”.

Scottish voters will head to the polls on Thursday, May 6, to cast their ballots on the 129 Members of Scottish Parliament (MSPs) across 73 constituencies they want to represent them for the next five years.

In a report earlier this week, the Institute for Government (IfG) claimed Scotland’s current deficit, combined with maintaining the level of public spending, would not be sustainable if the country left the UK.

The think tank warned the Scottish Government would need to increase taxes and impose public spending cuts in order to cushion the blow of independence and the huge impact of the pandemic

The SNP were contacted for comment after Mr Mundell’s comment.

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