Nicola Sturgeon approval rating plummets as voters reject new independence bid

Nicola Sturgeon 'full of her own importance' says Muldoon

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Nicola Sturgeon made a new case for Scottish independence this week and it is expected she will push for another referendum soon. In 2014 Scots rejected independence at the ballot box but it remains the long-term aim of the Scottish National Party (SNP).

The SNP hold the most seats in Scottish Parliament and secured a landslide victory in the 2015 general election winning 56 seats out of 59 available.

The victory gave the Scottish Government a mandate for independence but the campaign was ultimately a failure.

But over the past few years the popularity of Ms Sturgeon among voters in the UK and Scotland has been falling.

Polls show that Scotland’s First Minister is struggling to maintain support for her vision for the country.

A poll commissioned by the Times and YouGov in November saw Ms Sturgeon’s popularity plummet.

The SNP Leader’s popularity nosedived from +50 in August 2020 to +12 thought to be due to the Scottish Government’s domestic work on health, particularly following the pandemic.

This was followed by the recent botched Census in Scotland which saw low completion rates and the deadline having to be extended.

Opponents of the SNP argue that Scotland has more pressing issues to deal with internally rather than focus the national attention on independence.

Popularity tracking data from YouGov paints a similar picture of the First Minister’s fall from grace.

The latest figures show Ms Sturgeon is liked by around 27 percent of voters around the country.

This is a decrease from the previous result of 36 percent popularity in quarter three 2020.

However, the SNP is still expected to do well in the next general election in 2024 and pick up most seats in Scotland.

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The Scottish Government’s latest plan for independence was announced this week with the publication of a document titled: Independence in the modern world. Wealthier, happier, fairer: why not Scotland?

Members of the SNP are preparing an update where more details of the plan are to be announced.

At Prime Minister’s Questions yesterday, the SNP’s Ian Blackford said people are “living with the realities of a failing Westminster system” as he made the case for leaving the union.

The first independence referendum was said to be a once-in-a-generation vote and Scottish voters appear to agree with most rejecting the idea of holding another in the next few years.

Boris Johnson responded to Mr Blackford yesterday in the House of Commons by highlighting the UK-wide response to Covid and the cost of living crisis.

He also referred to the growth of the UK economy and number of people in work.

The Prime Minister said: “The UK has record numbers of people in payroll employment. That is an astounding thing, when we consider where we were during the pandemic.

“That was because of the UK working well together, as the right honourable gentleman will remember, on the vaccine roll-out and on the testing.”

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