National Insurance vote LIVE: Boris in last-ditch scramble to woo Tories – rebellion brews

Boris Johnson defends National Insurance levy in Parliament

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The Prime Minister’s controversial new plan will hike National Insurance tax by 1.25 percent to reform the social care system and reduce the NHS backlog of appointments. Dividend rates would also be increased by the same amount under the new proposal. The new package of £36billion over three years will also reform the way adult social care in England is funded and a cap of £86,000 on lifetime care costs from October 2023 will protect people from the “catastrophic fear of losing everything” according to Mr Johnson.

There were reports some Cabinet members disagreed with the pledge-breaking policy and had privately challenged Mr Johnson when he unveiled his plan to them on Tuesday morning.

Stephen McPartland, MP for Stevenage, said on Twitter: “The new health and social care levy provides no new funding for social care for at least three years. No money for living costs, only personal care costs. Selling your home is just deferred. It is a tax on jobs.

“I need much more detail to even consider supporting it.”

However, government whips have told MPs they consider today’s decision a confidence vote in the Prime Minister’s administration and a letter questioning the plans has reportedly secured only 10 signatures so far.


‘Right, reasonable and responsible’ says Boris Johnson

The Prime Minister has called his policy, which will increase National Insurance tax to pay for reformed social care, the “right, reasonable and responsible” course of action.

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