Lord Adonis ‘in his own fantasy world’! Labour peer claims Leave voters regret decision

Keir Starmer ‘deplorably weak opposition’ says Adonis

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Arch Remainer Lord Adonis caused controversy as he voiced his views on Brexit while speaking on TalkRadio. Lord Adonis claimed that an increasing number of Brexit voters now believe it has been a “pretty big disaster.” Many took to Twitter to voice their frustration at the Lord’s comments.

Lord Adonis said: “I think most reasonable people think that Brexit has been a pretty big disaster.

“This is including an increasing number of those who voted for it.”

The TalkRadio host James Max firmly stated that he disagreed with that assessment.

He said: “I disagree with that wholeheartedly.

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“I think those on the Remain side would like to think that to be true.”

Following his comments, viewers were quick to criticise Lord Adonis.

One social media user wrote: “Brexit would have been more successful if the Remainers hadn’t hampered the negotiations at every step.

“Despite that, it was the best thing we ever did.”

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Another wrote: “Most reasonable people have accepted voted.

“But then we are talking about Lord Adonis, not reasonable people.”

Another added: “Adonis is in his own little fantasy world and I recommend you leave him there.”

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Others how Lord Adonis would know leavers had changed their mind.

One wrote: “Please ask him how he knows an increasing number of those who voted for Brexit have changed their minds?”

Another added: “Give it time.

“The people complaining about Brexit would complain if a fried egg served outside was cold while sitting outside in the arctic circle.”

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