Liz Truss’s honours list sparks calls for abolition of ‘antiquated privilege’

Labour would aim to abolish the House of Lords says Starmer

Former Prime Minister Liz Truss is set to award a dozen knighthoods and honours, but her 49-day premiership has left the majority of readers questioning whether she is deserving of having a resignation honours list, a new poll has found.

It is tradition for outgoing Prime Ministers to nominate close allies and aides who helped support them during their premiership with Ms Truss set to follow this precedent.

The Sun on Sunday reported that her list of 12 names includes supporters who helped with her leadership bid last summer.

Deputy Labour Leader Angela Rayner previously described Ms Truss’s nominations as a “list of shame” and joined calls for the list to be scrapped.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is also under pressure to cancel Boris Johnson’s honours list of 38 honours and seven peerages.

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In a poll that ran from 8am on Sunday, June 4, to 8am on Monday, June 12, asked readers: “Does Liz Truss deserve a resignation honours list?”

A total of 4,950 votes were received with the vast majority of readers, 86 percent (4,277 people) answered “no” Ms Truss is not deserving of making nominations. Whereas 13 percent (641 people) said “yes” she is deserving, and a further one percent (32 people) said they did not know.

In the comments below the accompanying article, readers shared their thoughts on whether Ms Truss should be allowed to make nominations.

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The predominant view shared by readers was against Ms Truss having a resignation honours list due to her short tenure, with username Basaria commenting: “No way! She was only Prime Minister for a few weeks.”

Likewise, username leafspot said: “No, absolutely not, ludicrous idea. She was only in the post for five minutes.”

But a handful of readers argued that Ms Truss had a right to award honours. Username ValBrooker said: “Yes she does, because however briefly, she was Prime Minister. It’s not something based on ‘deserve’, but a right of prime ministers.”

And username Beanyboy2802 said: “Deserve? Probably not. But she is entitled to one, irrespective of how long she was in office. If you don’t like the rules, change them – but I’m not a fan of ‘one rule for one’.”

Other readers shared their thoughts on the honours system as a whole and criticised the tradition of outgoing prime ministers awarding honours. Username Dazrsrr said: “Nobody deserves them and they should be scrapped, it’s a total waste of taxpayer money, and out of date now.”

Another, username jacobreesmarley, agreed and wrote: “No ex-prime minister does, a ridiculous antiquated privilege which has no place in modern Britain.”

Username Saralzh added: “The whole honours list idea should be scrapped. Cronyism at its worst.”

Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer has said that if he becomes Prime Minister he will not have a resignation honours list, telling BBC Radio Four’s Today Programme on Monday, June 19 that it is “hard to justify”.

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