‘Like Brexit again!’ Tory leadership runners slammed as caller brands them ‘out of touch’

Conservative party 'completely out of touch' says GB News guest

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John Cotton, a Conservative supporter from Oxfordshire has spoken out over concerns the Tory Parliamentary party’s interests have shifted widely away from those shared by rank and file members. Mr Cotton called up GB News to discuss the runners and riders to replace Boris Johnson as the Conservative leader and Britain’s Prime Minister and likened the gulf between the contenders and ordinary members to that which emerged over Brexit. 

Mr Cotton told GB News: “I am just horrified about what I just about the parliamentary party being out of touch with the membership because it is just like Brexit all over again.

“They are completely out of touch with what people want.

“I know so little in detail about the candidates except Sunak, well he is a very good socialist, isn’t he? He should be for the other side.

“He is taking money out of my pocket by charging me a fortune in tax on fuel which really should be frozen at the level of tax it was when it was about 35p and then he is throwing money at me.

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“So why does he take my money and throw it back at me? and the cost that must be involved there, that is pure socialism.

“So he is out for a start.”

Mr Sunak won the biggest backing from Conservative lawmakers on Wednesday in the first vote to choose who will succeed Boris Johnson as party leader and British prime minister, while two more rivals were eliminated.

The former Chancellor , whose resignation as finance minister last week helped precipitate Johnson’s fall, secured support from 88 of the party’s 358 Members of Parliament (MPs), with junior trade minister Penny Mordaunt second with 67 votes and foreign minister Liz Truss third with 50.

Conservative leadership battle: Who is in the final six?

Nadhim Zahawi, who took over as finance minister from Sunak last week, and former foreign minister Jeremy Hunt were knocked out after failing to get the required minimum of 30 votes. They join three other contenders who dropped out the day before.

Those remaining – which also include former equalities minister Kemi Badenoch, Attorney General Suella Braverman, Tom Tugendhat, chair of parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee – will go through to a second round on Thursday.

Subsequent ballots will be held among the Conservative lawmakers, eliminating the candidate with the fewest votes each time, to whittle the field down to a final two by July 21. The new leader will then be chosen from those two by the 200,000 Conservative party members in the country at large, and be announced on Sept. 5.

While Sunak might be the most popular contender with his colleagues, a YouGov poll of nearly 900 party members found Mordaunt was the favourite, beating any of the others in a run-off. She had a huge lead over Sunak, who fared badly against almost all his rivals, and is now the bookmakers’ favourite.

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Mr Sunak has defended his economic plan, which would not involve the immediate tax cuts promised by his rivals.

The former chancellor told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “I think our number one economic priority is to tackle inflation and not make it worse. Inflation is the enemy, it makes everybody poorer, and if we don’t act to tackle inflation now it will cost families more in the long run, especially with mortgages.

“I will get taxes down in this Parliament, but I’m going to do so responsibly.

“Because I don’t cut taxes to win elections, I win elections to cut taxes, and I’m convinced that I’m the best person to beat Keir Starmer and the Labour Party at the next election.”

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