Labour Remainer slammed for telling Brits to ‘wear jumpers’ as gas price hike hits pockets

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Lynne Troughton, a Labour councillor in Hackney, apologised on social media after sparking outrage with users over British Gas prices. Ms Troughton, who was first elected in the King’s Park ward in May 2021, had been responding to a Twitter user who shared his concerns about the drastic gas price increase.

The Twitter user wrote: “My daughter has three young children to bring up, clothe and feed.

“British Gas has told her and her partner their combined gas electricity direct debit will go from £196 per month to £498 now and in October they anticipate it to be £700pm.”

He added: “BG profits have soared by 44 percent.”

Ms Troughton, who supports the UK rejoining the European Union, replied by saying: “She needs to start using less.

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“We are four adults and combined bill only £275.

“We economise. Wear jumpers. It’s fine.”

After coming under pressure on Twitter, Ms Troughton said: “I am sincerely sorry for any offence caused by my tweet about someone’s energy bill being £700.

“I mistook the original tweet as referring to someone with high energy consumption, without realising that their bill had increased from £198.

“I will check more thoroughly in future.”

Gas prices are expected to take a 54 percent surge later this April as the average British household will pay an extra £693-a-year.

But 80 percent of Brits will also receive a council tax rebate in an attempt to help them deal with the crisis.

Most people in the UK are also increasingly worried about the cost of living crisis, according to a survey conducted by Redfield & Wilton Strategies.

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The opinion poll found 54 percent were worried about the rising cost of living and just 14 percent said the pandemic was their main point of concern.

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