Labour conference: Delegates back a 68 percent rise in minimum wage

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Sir Keir rejected the move but would take it from £8.91 to £10.

Labour centrists believe the party’s hard Left is running a campaign to humiliate the leader as he prepares to give his first major conference speech.

Corbynite frontbencher Andy McDonald quit on Monday and the bakers’ union is to cut ties over the party’s direction.

Sir Keir slapped down the Left saying winning is more important than party unity.

He said: “I didn’t come into politics to vote over and over again in Parliament and lose and then tweet about it. I came into politics to go into government to change millions of lives for the better.” 

Shadow communities secretary Steve Reed said Mr McDonald’s resignation looks like it was “timed to cause maximum disruption”. He added: “We all need to focus on winning the next election so these sounds off don’t help anyone but our opponents.”

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