Labour civil war: MPs break ranks to admit ‘there’s a problem with Keir’ – splits exposed

Vaccine row: EU 'isn't helping itself' says Keir Starmer

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Although just a year into his tenure, one Labour MP claimed there is “a problem with Keir himself” as the party struggled to take on Boris Johnson. In an incredible attack, the MP claimed the Labour leader doesn’t even match up to Ed Miliband or Jeremy Corbyn. With the party struggling to recover from the horrific 2019 general election result, one MP admitted Sir Keir has no idea where he wants to take Labour.

While some within the Opposition have criticised political director Jenny Chapman and chief of staff Morgan McSweeney, some within the party have now begun to blame the Labour leader.

In an interview with the Huff Post UK, the MP said: “His team will often go policy shopping ahead of any planned intervention.

“So whether it’s, you know, the farmers NFU speech or any anything else they’ll ask think-tank types or academics what should we be saying?

“Some of those people push back and have said ’Well, maybe you want to tell us a bit a bit more about what you think and then we can tailor what we’re going to tell you when we know a little bit more about your gut, on this issue’.

“I don’t know that you could leave that at the door of just Morgan or just Jenny, a lot more of us are coming to the conclusion there’s a problem with Keir himself.”

Not only have MPs begun to believe Sir Keir lacks direction but that he can’t match up to either Mr Miliband or his predecessor.

The MP added: “Because unlike Jeremy, I hate to say that phrase, but unlike Jeremy, unlike Ed M, previous leaders had an idea of what they wanted.

“He has got none of that.”

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In a further attack against the Labour leader, another MP added Sir Keir has “less politics than I thought”.

They added: “You call up and he’s basically managing you on the call and he sort of thinks he’s really smart and you haven’t clocked that he’s just managing.

“Obviously, we’re f*g politicians so we know when we are being managed.

“He’ll often say ‘I agree with everything you said’.

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“I’m thinking, you shouldn’t have agreed with everything I said.

“You should have told the truth, which is, you maybe half-understood half the things I said and you disagree with the rest of it, I’d respect him more if he said that.

“We’re all desperate for him to succeed but almost everyone I’ve talked to this sort of has these conversations with him, he agrees with everything you’ve said.

“I think he hangs up, and he’s like ‘yeah, that was fine I’ve dealt with that’ and he’s on to the next thing.

“And I hang up and I think he’s got even less politics than I thought.”

Although experiencing a surge in popularity when he became leader, the Tories have stretched out to a 10 percent lead over Labour in the polls.

According to YouGov’s voting intention tracker between March 25-26, the Tories are currently polling at 42 percent.

In second, Labour are on 32 as Boris Johnson’s party experiences a surge in support due to the successful vaccine rollout.

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