Jail them FOREVER! Child killers and paedophiles must ‘never be released’ says Tory MP

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Speaking on the third day of the Blue Collar Conservative conference, Andrea Jenkyns explained there needs to be a balance between reforming prisoners and making sure life sentences are carried out. She said: “I think our justice system should become colour-blind. A crime is a crime no matter what background you are, what gender you are.

“We should believe in strong sentencing.

“I think that with child killers, life should mean life and with pedophiles, life should mean life.

“I don’t want to see people like that released on to the street.

“But at the same time it’s about getting the balance right and if we look at prisons.

“When I was a parliamentary candidate, I worked with some former prisoners and looking at the reforming mechanism but if you look at the stats a high number of people in prison cannot even read or write.

“There’s a high number of people who come from care.

“We need to make sure these people who are committing minor crimes and they’ve got the skills to make their way in life.

“But at the same time, prevention is better than cure. We’ve got to have strong sentencing.”

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