Irish MEP warns ‘minefield of booby traps’ lay ahead in post-Brexit UK-EU relations

Boris Johnson slammed for 'nationalistic' NI stance by MEP

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Speaking to France24, Barry Andrews hit out at the UK by saying the root of the “problems” with the relationship between the European Union and Britain after Brexit is the “strong sovereigntist, nationalistic complexion of this Conservative government in London.” He also attacked Boris Johnson’s handling of the Northern Ireland protocol.  The Renew Europe MEP insisted the relationship between the EU and the UK will need to be “reset” in order for the two parties to move forward.

Mr Andrews said: “It seems to be the strategic objective of the British Government to build as many barriers as possible with the European Union.”

He went on to add other examples of the “barriers” the U.K. is putting in the way of the European Union.

He said the protocol issue is “another example” of a barrier.

The Irish MEP added: “A dispute about the status of the EU ambassador in London is another example.”

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He concluded that as a result of these so-called barriers that the U.K. and EU are going to have “these kinds of rows for as long as we don’t build a relationship or partnership.”

Continuing his attack on the British Government’s relationship with the EU Mr Andrews looked ahead to what he believes needs to be sorted out.

He added: “There is a whole minefield of booby-traps waiting down the road if we don’t reset the relationship between the EU and the U.K.

“Down the road, we have various other steps that have to be taken, we have to recognise data adequacy standards in the UK.”

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He said: “We have to come up to some agreement with security and defence.”

But he said these ‘barriers’ the U.K. are putting in place of the Britain and European Union relationship are “symptoms of a deeper problem”.

He concluded in a damming statement that the root of issues lies with The Prime Ministers government. 

He stressed: “I have to say the root of the problem is the strong sovereigntist, nationalistic complexion of this conservative government in London at the moment.”


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Mr Andrews’s criticism of the U.K relationship with the EU comes as the bloc attempted to block AstraZeneca exports to the U.K.

The European Commission President warned countries who had been more successful in rolling out jabs could see their supply of vaccines from the continent cut.

Her remarks came after multiple EU countries suspended the use of the Oxford-developed AstraZeneca jab over concerns of blood clots.

Ministers in Britain have reacted with outrage at the behaviour of the EU.

One said: “It has got to the stage where this has become naked jingoism from the EU against Britain.”

The temproary ban came despite reassurances from the European Health Agency and the World Health Organisation that blood clots were not caused by the vaccine.

A number of EU countries including Germany suspended the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine citing the claims.

The U.K. government ensures the jab is safe to use.

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