‘In denial!’ Nicola’s Sturgeon attacked over ‘car crash’ Andrew Marr interview

Andrew Marr grills Nicola Sturgeon on plans for independence

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The Scottish First Minister was torn apart by the BBC presenter this morning as she was forced to admit there would have to be a border between England and an independent Scotland by rejoining the EU. Ms Sturgeon said Scotland would then try to negotiate arrangements to “keep trade flowing easily across the border” if it becomes independent. Labour peer George Foulkes branded the interview a “car crash” and others social media users quickly shared their reactions as Ms Sturgeon appeared to squirm as Mr Marr continued his tough line of questioning.

Labour peer George Foulkes wrote on Twitter: “Car crash interview by Nicola Sturgeon on Andrew Marr show.

“Shouting, aggressive and in denial on border with England and cost of independence and so rambling time ran out!”

A Twitter user commented: “She had a nightmare on Marr.

“She certainly lost it here and there. Looked tired, stale and unprepared!”

A third person also described the interview as “excruciating”.

They wrote: “In simple terms that was excruciating/wonderful to watch.”

A fourth user simply said: “It was one of her worst.

“This is not the leader we want for Scotland.”

The First Minister said an independent Scotland would “comply with all of the requirements of EU membership” when she was asked about European Union regulations, customs checks and inspections of goods entering the single market.

She said: “We will put in place arrangements and we will negotiate those arrangements for the UK that means that businesses do not, in a practical sense, suffer from any of that.”

Ms Sturgeon then added: “I’m not denying that because of the absurdity of Brexit and the Tory Brexit obsession, then all sorts of issues are raised for Scotland completely against our democratic will.

“What I’m saying is we will work as a country to make sure that for our businesses there is no difficulties in terms of their day-to-day experience in trading.”

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Mr Marr then turned the conversation to Scotland’s huge deficit.

He said: “According to the IFS, your deficit is going to head as high as 25 percent of GDP.

“That is much, much higher than the rest of the UK and vastly worse than the 3 percent EU requires for candidates.

“Whatever its origins, you are facing a really big deficit which has to be closed somehow.

“In this campaign, you are offering lots of new public services, and public money. My question is very simple, how are you going to close the deficit?”

Ms Sturgeon responded: “We are choosing to invest in things like 100,000 new affordable homes that will kick-start economic activity.

“Longer-term, if you project to when Scotland is independent, we will deal with a deficit in the same way that any other country around the world deals with a deficit.

“You manage your finances, through borrowing and prudent decisions. Scotland would not be unique to have a deficit.”

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