Guy Verhofstadt thanked as ‘useful idiot’ makes case for Brexit with every remark

Kent: Lorries back up for miles on M20 due to blockade

Martin Daubney opened up on his former Brussels colleague after Mr Verhofstadt posted a message gloating about France’s decision to close its borders to UK lorries in response to the emergence of a new, more contagious strain of COVID-19 in Britain. He posted: “Thank you @guyverhofstadt on behalf of the 17.4million who voted Brexit.

“Every time you tweet your open contempt for the UK you absolutely remind us why we voted to jettison overblown feudal mayors like you.

“For the UK Leave movement, you’ve been a supremely useful idiot.”

Lorry drivers this morning clashed with police in Kent as they continued to be held up by the French travel ban.

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Footage showed a handful of police officers trying to push back a small crowd of mostly men in Dover.

Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick has admitted it may take a “few days” to clear the backlog of around 4,000 lorries waiting to cross the Channel.

France has lifted the travel ban, but said those seeking to cross into the country from the UK must have a negative coronavirus result.

Mr Verhofstadt had been motivated to post his somewhat inflammatory message showing images of large numbers of British lorries at Dover, having been barred from entering France.

Along with footage from the scene, he tweeted: “We forgot what borders look like.

“Some thought they would remain open with or without the EU.

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“They will now start to understand what leaving the EU really means…”

Others responded in a similar vein to Mr Daubney.

Jamie Bryson commented: “Thank you for reminding us why we voted to leave your wicked European project.

“You are a fanatic & it’s precisely because of people like you that 17.4 million British people voted to tell the EU where to go!”

James Bush added: “Leaving the EU means regaining our freedom, sovereignty and self-respect. It means leaving a horrible foreign dictatorship.

“British freedom is priceless. My children will grow up as freeborn Britons instead of Euro serfs.”

Not everyone was so critical – former EastEnders actor and Labour MEP Michael Cashman, who is now a member of the House of Lords, replied: “If UK govt had the integrity to listen I could’ve warned them: as you know I wrote the Schengen Border code into law.

“I know full well when a member state of its own volition can reimpose the border under certain conditions.

“Overview by the European Commission. The EU works.

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