Give Tory activists in Partygate video a second chance, says mayoral hopeful

BBC presenters ask should we ‘care’ about new Partygate video

Tory London Mayor hopeful Mozammel Hossain has spoken of his shock after a recently leaked video showed three of his campaign staff involved in a lockdown breaking event two years ago.

But Mr Hossain, a leading criminal barrister who was not even in politics when the Partygate events took place, insisted that the three including his campaign manager Ben Mallett should be given a second chance and he will not sack them.

The video emerged from Shaun Bailey’s London Mayor campaign in 2021 and was published by the Daily Mirror.

But Mr Hossain told that his experience as a criminal barrister told him that there was now a need to move on.

He said he had spoken to the trio and they “are remorseful” for what they did.

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Mr Hossain said: “I’m extremely disappointed by the video. I’ve known these people for matters of weeks.

“Like many, I’ve suffered tragedy.

“But look, I’m a criminal barrister I’ve seen what second chances do to people.

“One of the reasons I am running as Mayor now, is to give people second chances, too.

“Many of us have suffered but we have to draw the line at some point, and I’m going to.”

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He added: “I was talking to them and they’re full of remorse.

“I want to give them their second chance. A chance to redeem themselves.”

Speaking of the party itself he added: “This would never happen on my watch, I can promise you this.

“But I think they need second chance. We can’t just say they can never work again.”

The video was revealed in the week where the Privileges Committee was due to debate its controversial conclusion that Boris Johnson deliberately misled the Commons over Partygate.

While the event was one of the Partygate events it did not happen in Downing Street nor involve Mr Johnson.

However, with MPs voting to not allow Mr Johnson to have his former MP’s pass and have a 90-day suspension had he stayed on as an MP, feelings were running high.

Meanwhile, Mr Hossain has been the surprise package in the London Mayoral race to be the Tory candidate.

After a highly successful career as a KC and humble origins growing up as the eighth child in a mud hut in Bangladesh, he has entered politics for the first time in his bid to unseat Sadiq Khan.

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