Give it a rest! Lord Adonis issues fresh call for UK to rejoin EU ‘as soon as possible’

Adonis says UK should negotiate 'closer relationship' with EU

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Just hours after Britain severed all ties with the bloc on New Year’s Eve following 47 years of membership, the arch-Remainer vowed to “reverse” Brexit, warning the “campaign to rejoin Europe starts today”. Britain left the EU’s Single Market and Customs Union when the Brexit transition period between the two sides ended at 11pm on December 31. The historic move sealed the UK’s full departure from the bloc, freeing the nation from Brussels’ rules and regulations to become its own independent country.

Boris Johnson quickly insisted Britain will thrive tremendously outside the EU as he basked in the glory of the UK’s new found sovereignty.

In the three-and-a-half months following, the House of Lords peer has continued his relentless campaign for the UK to rejoin the EU..

He has made a renewed call on Twitter but strangely references the coronavirus pandemic as a reason the UK should rejoin – despite Britain’s hugely successful vaccine rollout and the EU’s own disastrous programme.

Lord Adonis wrote: “It is my view that Britain should rejoin the European Union as soon as possible.

“Everything that has happened since the 2016 referendum has reinforced this view, including the pandemic.

“Our prosperity and security simply cannot be divorced from the rest of the Europe.”

But the arch-Remainer was brutally torn apart on Twitter by many social media users over his renewed call for Britain to rejoin the EU.

One person raged: “Is it any wonder The Lords colluded and conspired to thwart Brexit and carry on their gravy train?

“We have shown already how much better, more nimble we can be outside of the shackled of the EU.

“We have global FTA’s in place quicker than anyone thought possible – we’ll prosper.”

A second Twitter user wrote: “At what point do you accept that the British people voted and you lost?”

Another person added: “They’d be barking mad to let us back in, now they know the strength and extent of Eurosceptic feelings in the UK.

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“Considering you yourself are still going on about this 4+ years after the referendum, you must understand that Eurosceptics wouldn’t just take that lying down?”

Several others appeared to have had enough of Lord Adonis’ demands for the UK to rejoin the EU.

One person replied: “Give it a rest mate,” while another Twitter user said: “What’s that definition of madness again?”

Earlier today, Lord Adonis agreed with the decision from Boris Johnson to cancel his trip to India amid fears of a surging and dangerous new coronavirus variant that the country is struggling to bring under control.

But astonishingly he hit at the Prime Minister for making this his first major overseas trip after the pandemic.

The arch-Remainer tweeted: “Obviously Johnson was right to cancel his trip to India.

“But amazing that his first major overseas trip post-pandemic isn’t to a nation which is central to our trade & security – Germany, France, Ireland, the Netherlands or the US.

“Instead of delusions of Empire 2.0.”

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