‘General election would be nice’ Green peer demands Boris Johnson quit to hold new vote

Boris Johnson should 'stand down' says Green Party member

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Baroness Jones slammed Boris Johnson for the alleged rule breaks which have been hitting the press over the past few weeks. Rampant accusations of Tory MPs breaking their own rules to party during the lockdown have been rife and many people including MPs have called for Mr Johnson’s resignation due to the controversies. The Green peer discussed what needed to be done in Parliament, calling for another general election to get a new Prime Minister in charge of the country.

Baroness Jones told talkRadio: “Of course, they should stand down if they’ve broken the rules, of course.

“A general election would be nice wouldn’t it, because at the moment…”

Before Baroness Jones could finish, Mr Max said: “Do we really need that now, I mean who else are we going to have in charge, you got Boris Johnson or Keir Starmer.

“I mean really it’s like picking between two things that you don’t want.”

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The Green peer said: “That’s an interesting point actually and I can see it’s perfectly valid but at the same time if we have a general election we might actually have some sort of, I don’t know, a government that has other people in it.

“We could have, perhaps they would ask if we had a couple more Green MPs, perhaps they’d ask us to join the government.

“It could be better, it can’t be worse than the majority in the Commons, 80 plus people…”

Mr Max said: “Well you say that but the Green track record isn’t great, you go Brighton and there are people sleeping on the streets.

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“There are all sorts of things going wrong, people don’t even have their bins collected, I mean it’s just a mess none of you politicians know what you’re doing.”

Many MPs have expressed their anger over the recent allegations of Tory MP rulebreaking, the most recent to add to the list of controversies is a leaked photo of top Tory MPs socialising in the garden at No. 10 Downing Street with wine and cheese on the table during last years lockdown,

Deputy leader of the Labour Party Angela Rayner said: “The Prime Minister consistently shows us he has no regard for the rules he puts in place for the rest of us. Alleged drinking and partying late into the evening at No 10 when the rest of us were only recently getting one daily walk.”


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Reacting to the recent controversy a spokesperson for No 10 stated: “As we said last week, work meetings often take place in the Downing Street garden in the summer months.

“On this occasion, there were staff meetings after a No 10 press conference.

“Downing Street is the Prime Minister’s home as well as his workplace. The Prime Minister’s wife lives in No 10 and therefore also legitimately uses the garden.”

Ms Rayner responded to the spokesperson’s comments on the photo quickly, Ms Rayner asked to know: “the truth about what was going on in Downing Street from the very beginning immediately.”

When asked by the press for an explanation on the recent scandal, Johnson said: “Those were people at work talking about work.

Deflecting any accusation of a recreational party, Johnson said: “This is where I live, it is where I work. Those were meetings of people at work, talking about work.”

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