Furious Laura Kuenssberg explodes at Rishi Sunak ‘Tell the public with a straight face!’

Laura Kuenssberg grills Rishi Sunak on taxation rise

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Boris Johnson said a new health and social care levy, based on a 1.25 percentage point increase in National Insurance contributions, was “the reasonable and the fair approach”. The move breaches a Tory commitment not to raise National Insurance, while a second manifesto pledge, to maintain the pensions triple-lock, was also temporarily abandoned. BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg questioned the Chancellor on the proposal.

She asked: “What is fair about a huge tax rise Prime Minister that will overwhelmingly be born by working people while the expensive properties of wealthy pensioners are protected?

“To the Chancellor, taxation is going to hit its highest-ever share of national income according to the IFS this afternoon.

“Can you tell the public with a straight face that the Tories are still the party of low taxation?”

Mr Sunack responded: “Laura, I echo what I said in my remarks. None of us standing here wants to be in a situation where we have to raise taxes but I think the Health Secretary set out a powerful rationale for why extra investment is needed which is why I think people will understand.

“Look, there is no easy or perfect way to raise money.

“We’re not going to pretend that there is.

“We’ve set out why our approach is the best way to do it.

“It means we can do it on a UK-wide basis because we are a government who believes in the union and the strength of the union.”

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