EU panic: Frexit predicted as pressure builds in Brussels with UK set for Brexit success

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Generation Frexit director Charles-Henri Gallois insisted France could be leaving the EU soon. During an interview with, Mr Gallois claimed the sovereignist movement will continue to grow in France if the UK has a successful Brexit future. He added he hopes for a referendum on the topic as multiple leave supporters could then subdivide into smaller groups to achieve the same goal.

Mr Gallois said: “I think Frexit is likely to happen first because I don’t think the European Union will serve us that much.

“I don’t think Brexit will help all the eurocrats across the continent.

“If Brexit is a success, as I am sure that it will be, it will give ideas to other people and countries to leave the suppressing political structure.”

Mr Gallois noted that he did believe Frexit was possible within the next five years and outlined how France would get to that position.

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He said: “It is possible in five years in France, in Generation Frexit we are advocating for a referendum about Frexit.

“I think a referendum is a more pragmatic solution and makes it more likely that Frexit will happen.

“You have many who are part of the sovereign movement in France, some on the left and some on the right.

“It is very hard to unite everyone in the same goal so I think a referendum is the best way to have different campaigns all for leave.”

Mr Gallois highlighted the similarities the Frexit camaign groups would have the Brexit leave campaign groups.

He continued: “It will be exactly like what happened with the UK where you have Labour for Leave, the Leave Campaign, Leave.EU.

“These were various campaigners who didn’t work together necessarily but they were all fighting for Brexit.

“I think we have a kind of referendum in France I think we will be able to win it.

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Mr Gallois closed by reiterating his confidence that France would eventually cut ties with the European Union in the same way the UK did. 

He said: “I think if we have a proper campaign the mainstream media will have to talk about it.

“If we had a proper referendum we would have a real campaign and I think we would be able to win it.”

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