Emmanuel Macron is Merkel’s ‘bullied spouse!’ France fury as leader panders to Germany

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National Rally (NR) leader Ms Le Pen, who lost to Emmanuel Macron in the 2017 election, is gearing up for her third presidential bid next spring. In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, the right-wing leader talked at length about her vision for France and the EU if she wins the race to the Elysee Palace. Ms Le Pen, who was once in favour of France leaving the EU, wants Paris to stop being Germany’s “bullied spouse”.

She said: “Emmanuel Macron, like his predecessors, admitted that in the Franco-German couple, France had to be the submissive or even bullied spouse.

“I had the opportunity to reproach him publicly for this in the European Parliament, addressing him as the “Vice Chancellor”.

“A good part of the European countries complain about this condescension of Ms Merkel and the German omnipotence which subordinates the whole European organisation to the priority of preserving their own interests.”

She added: “I believe that for stability in Europe it is urgent to rebalance the power and decision-making relationships, and for example to take into better consideration the voice of countries considered to be ‘small’.”

Even before Armin Laschet was appointed new federal chairman of Germany’s centre-right Christian Democrats (CDU) and therefore Mrs Merkel’s possible successor, Mr Macron’s government tried hard to cosy up to him.

France’s Minister for European Affairs Clement Beaune said earlier this year: “Armin Laschet has the sense for a European Germany.

“He is a friend of France and a committed European.”

Mr Macron also did not try to hide his preference for Mr Laschet.

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In 2020 alone, the two met three times.

Alongside German Minister of Health Jens Spahn, Mr Laschet was invited by Mr Macron to attend the 2020 Bastille Day celebrations in Paris, in a sign of gratitude for their role in helping French citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic in France.

In an honour reserved for special guests, Mr Macron also invited the new CDU leader into the Élysée Palace’s gardens.

Mr Laschet is generally seen in line with Mrs Merkel’s views on key issues.

In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, though, German MEP Gunnar Beck warned that because of Brexit, Paris and Berlin will work together and push for even more EU integration.

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He explained: “The UK was a voice of reason in the EU.

“That voice is sadly gone now.

“The UK generally pushed for liberal economic policies, not too much state regulations and on the whole, it was relatively restrained in relation to public borrowing.

“The UK also tried to resist European integration, slowing it down… “

Mr Beck added: “Now that Britain has left, I believe Germany and France have become largely unhinged.

“They will be able to achieve much more.”

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