Donald Trump says he would have attended Coronation

Donald Trump has blasted Joe Biden for “sleeping” during the coronation, saying he would have attended it if he were President.

Speaking about the US President’s decision not the attend the coronation of Charles III, his predecessor said: “When you have somebody that’s going to be sleeping instead of coming to the coronation, as President of the United States, I think it’s a bad thing.”

When asked whether Mr Biden is choosing not to attend the coronation because he “doesn’t seem to like us very much”, Mr Trump replied: “I don’t think he can do it physically. It’s hard for him to do it physically.

“I think getting over here for him – he’s got a lot of things going and a lot of strange things happening – but certainly he should be here as our representative of our country.

“I was surprised when I heard that he wasn’t coming. You would think he would be here.

He added: “I was very surprised – but I think it’s very disrespectful for him not to be there.”

In an interview with GB News, the former US President also vowed to end the Ukraine war in “24 hours”.

When asked what he would do about the Ukraine war if he was President, Mr Trump said: “If I was President, and I say this, I will end that war in one day. It will take 24 hours.”


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