Dominic Raab ‘dropped his smile’ as Sky News reporter probes new Deputy PM role

Dominic Raab ‘taking one for the team’ says Lord Richards

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Dominic Raab has been spotted by an eagle-eyed reporter outside Downing Street looking less than pleased with Boris Johnson’s decision to axe him from his Cabinet post. The former Foreign Secretary has been demoted justice secretary and deputy PM amid a widespread Cabinet Reshuffle. Mr Raab was all smiles for the waiting press on leaving a long meeting with the Prime Minister but Sky’s Sam Coates reported noticing a change in the Minister’s demeanour.

Mr Coates told Sky News: “The first Secretary of State now upgraded to Deputy Prime Minister walked out of the door.

“I shouted ‘Are you happy with demotion?’ He looked at me, winked, and walked on.

“All the time he was smiling and then just as he got out of the view of the cameras he suddenly dropped his smile.

“Like one of those not particularly genuine smiles, he is having to hold just for the likes of us.”


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