‘Could have happened quicker!’ Sajid Javid grilled over UK aid for Ukraine refugees

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The Health Secretary has clashed with Kay Burley on Sky News over the speed at which the UK Government has taken action to help refugees from Ukraine. In total, more than 2.7 million refugees have fled Ukraine since shortly before Vladimir Putin’s troops invaded in late February. 

Mr Javid told Sky News: “I think it’s been a difficult process in responding to this we were actually one of the first countries to offer humanitarian support over 400 million pounds of support so far.

“I think more bilaterally than any other country.

“We’ve offered…we’ve talked about the weapons and the military support for my part in my department, as well as what we’ve just talked about that helping these children.

“We’ve already sent seven flights of vital medicines, medical equipment, medical supplies, I think I’ve got another one leaving today which are more in terms of medical supplies than any country.” 


He added: “We do have a very proud record of offering sanctuary to people fleeing conflict and war, with 1000s of Syrians and Afghans that have been resettled. with the support for over 100,000 Hong Kong nationals that have applied under the scheme, the Prime Minister set out last year.

“And then again with Ukraine, we will absolutely play our part and absolutely play our part and make sure we are giving refuge to those who need it.”

“Could have happened quicker,” pressed Ms Burley.

“Well, it’s happening,” replied Mr Javid 


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