‘Circular firing squad!’ Margaret Thatcher aide slams Tory bid to oust Boris Johnson as PM

Boris Johnson: Former Thatcher adviser slams Tory infighting

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Nile Gardiner has likened the infighting within the Tory Party to a “circular firing squad” as the former advisor to Margaret Thatcher made clear he did not think removing Boris Johnson from Downing Street was a good idea. He argued that ousting Mr Johnson as Conservative leader and Prime Minister would be “destructive” and risk heading power to parties that “seek to reverse Brexit.”

Mr Gardiner told GB News: “Well it’s certainly been a brutal 24 hours and I expect you’re going to see in a potentially more sackings more resignations from ministers.

“But my view is that the damage done to Britain’s conservatives today is a mess actually and it makes no sense for a no for a government where you have an over 80 seat majority to be forming some kind of circular firing squad here.

“It just really, I think defies the expectations of the British people here, nothing good I think will come from this and I think it’s a destructive path forward.

“The big winners of course from all of this will be on the left and the Labour Party, the liberals the Scottish nationalists are gloating they are looking forward to taking on the Conservatives at an early general election.”

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“They’re hoping for a victory many within those parties seek to reverse Brexit this is part of their agenda here, without a doubt,” he continued.

“So I think the stakes are incredibly high here and the path that the conservatives are going down at the moment is hugely risky it’s destructive, it’s a game of Russian roulette.

“We don’t know what the outcome may be here.

“There are a multitude of potential contenders to replace Boris Johnson some of them are very strong, some of them are I would describe as being of a left-wing of the party.”

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Mr Gardiner said: “It would be a huge mistake for the conservatives to go back to the days of Theresa May, or David Cameron or John Major, that that kind of leadership would be I think fatal for the Conservatives.

“Boris Johnson is a proven winner, je has demonstrated very strong leadership skills with regard to delivering Brexit.

“The 2016 referendum that was a huge success.

“Also the 2019 general election victory was a huge success.”

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“So he is somebody with a track record of winning, and now the Conservatives may be taking a huge leap into the dark,” he continued. 

“I just have a sense of foreboding about what may happen next year and also about the future of Brexit itself.”

Mr Johnson has rejected calls to quit as support for his leadership collapsed at Westminster.

A new executive for the Conservative 1922 committee will be elected on Monday which could change the leadership rules, allowing for another confidence vote just a month after the last one – which Mr Johnson may lose given the way MPs have deserted him since Tuesday.

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