‘Children will go hungry!’ Theresa May rages at Boris on foreign aid cut and vows to rebel

Boris Johnson slammed by Theresa May for foreign aid cut

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Former Prime Minister Theresa May took aim at Boris Johnson while speaking in the House of Commons on Tuesday. She was speaking ahead of the vote on the cuts to the UK foreign aid budget from 0.7 percent of GNI to 0.5 percent. Mrs May insisted that due to the pandemic the country’s overall GNI would have been significantly lower. 

This would in turn mean that the actual figure for the foreign aid would also be significantly smaller.

She insisted the Government was turning its back on the poorest people in the world and highlighted the depths of this decision.

She reiterated that children would go hungry, would no longer be able to be educated, and in some cases be sold into slavery. 

Ms May said: “The Government confirmed that it would honour the manifesto commitment.

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“It was a commitment enshrined in law and one the new department FCDO will honour its responsibility.

“It went on to say that investing that 0.7 percent was at the hear of the vision of the Government’s integrated review for the UK as an activist internationalist. problems solving and burden sharing nation.

“Where is that vision now as the Government turns its back on some of the poorest in the world?

“With GNI falling our funding for aid was falling in any case.

Boris Johnson defends decision to cut foreign aid budget

“To reduce it from 0.7 to 0.5 percent is a double blow.

“This isn’t about palaces for dictators or vanity projects.

“It is about what cuts to funding mean.

“It means that fewer girls will become educated, more boys and girls will become slaves and more children will go hungry and more of the poorest people in the world will die.”


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Boris Johnson has repeatedly defended the cuts to foreign aid previously, however. 

In Parliament, he said: “I believe on this vital subject there is common ground between the Government and honourable members on all sides of the house.

“We believe in the power of aid to transform millions of lives.

“That is why we continue to agree that the UK should continue to dedicate 0.7 percent of our gross national income to official development assistance.

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