Calgary city council committee to hold public hearing on systemic racism

A Calgary city council committee is holding a public hearing Tuesday to give people the opportunity to speak about systemic racism.

The meeting comes as a result of the demonstrations that occurred last month in the city, which involved thousands of people.

Council voted unanimously last month to support an anti-racism motion with six calls to action, which included holding a public hearing.

“This is step one to respond to what the protestors throughout the world and specifically the protestors here in Calgary are protesting,” said Coun. Gian Carlo Carra, who is chair of the Committee on Community and Protective Services.

Speaking to 770 CHQR, he said it’s important for council members to listen and learn from what people have to say.

“That’s the ongoing existence of structural racism, and in some cases, institutional racism, and in some cases, actual racism in the hearts and minds of individuals,” he said.

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