Britons reject further cost of living support — ‘learn to live within means’

Caller details her struggles during cost of living crisis

High inflation, rising interest rates and soaring food and energy bills are continuing to hit household finances with many Britons struggling to make ends meet during the cost of living crisis.

Millions of low-income Britons, pensioners and disabled individuals are entitled to receive further Government support after the Department for Work and Pensions extended a scheme launched last year.

Households on means-tested benefits are able to receive £900 in total in three instalments until spring 2024, while pensioners are eligible for a £300 payment in the winter and those on disability benefits will automatically receive £150 by July 4.

Speaking about the one-off cost of living payment for more than six million people with disabilities, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt said: “The additional costs faced by disabled people mean inflation is particularly challenging. The £150 we’re sending disabled people over the next two weeks is part of a major cost of living support package worth just under £100billion, providing some peace of mind to the most vulnerable in society.”

Yet a new poll has found that just 27 percent of readers think that the Government should provide more support.

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In a poll that ran from 1pm on Thursday, June 22, to 1.30pm on Monday, June 26, asked readers: “Should the Government provide more cost of living support?”

A total of 1,322 readers cast their votes with the vast majority, 72 percent (952 people) answering “no” against the Government providing more support compared to 27 percent (360 people) who said “yes” they should. A further one percent (10 people) said they did not know.

In the comments below the accompanying article, readers took part in a lively discussion on whether the Government should do more to help struggling households.

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The overwhelming argument was against the Government giving out more support, with many arguing that households needed to adapt to the current situation. Username ChwaraeTeg said: “People need to learn to live within their means.”

Another, username castusverax, agreed: “Fed up bailing out others who fail to plan and who are imprudent and profligate with their own finances.”

Likewise, username PhilCo58 added: “People should budget to live within their means, starting with the house they buy, you don’t budget for today, you budget for all eventualities.”

Some readers also highlighted concern at the impact of giving out more financial support, with username gillipepper commenting: “No, the Government needs to restrict spending on themselves and cut their own costs first.”

Taking a similar view, username dewberryfurkin said: “The Government can’t provide any support because they have no money…it’s our money, not theirs.”

While others thought that any support given should be offered to all households, not just the worst off. Username Oserver said: “Only for everybody. Not only just for those already on benefits.”

In reply, username RickBicker wrote: “Just what I was thinking, help for everyone or no one.”

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