‘Bring Boris back!’ Furious caller erupts at Sunak and Truss as both ‘are a disaster’

Radio caller says ‘bring Boris back’

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Phone in caller Laura from Battersea explained why she wanted Mr Johnson to remain Prime Minister to Nick Ferrari. The caller from Battersea claimed Rishi Sunak was trying to project himself on former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Laura claimed that Ms Thatcher had caused murders between British families due to her added poll tax and her decision to sell off council houses. She went on to explain that Boris Johnson wasn’t perfect but Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak were disasters waiting to happen if one of them become the next Prime Minister.

Laura told LBC: “For a start, I don’t think Rishi Sunak will make a good Prime Minister if he’s going to project himself on Mrs Thatcher because Mrs Thatcher cause murders between families through the poll tax.

“And also she sold all the council houses off to people, and now many blocks of flats in Battersea are just buy to lets, buy to lets, buy to lets.

“They’re all lets and it’s causing mayhem with people that have lived in the block for 60 years and there’s still council tenants.

“They’ve got people making noise, they’ve got…”

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Mr Ferrari added: “Are we really blaming this country’s woes on a woman who has been dead for I think six years and out of power for 20 years?”

Laura from Battersea said: “No! And I think if Rishi Sunak does that, then he’s wrong, bring some fresh light, bring Boris back that’s what I say.”

Mr Ferrari said: “I don’t think that’s going to happen, but go on…”

Laura added: “What we got is what we saw, and what we saw is what we got with Boris, but I’m afraid these two I think they’re lying through their teeth.

“It’s true what his last words were yesterday, when you’re driving look in the mirror because he got stabbed in the back terribly Boris Johnson.

“He wasn’t perfect, I know he’s not perfect, far from it but he wasn’t that bad either, and I think these two are a disaster waiting to happen.”

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Despite Mr Johnson’s ousting from Government as Prime Minister, he managed to win a second vote of no confidence this week.

The Labour Party’s bid to remove him as ongoing Prime Minister flopped with the Commons voting by 349 to 238.

Mr Johnson surprisingly received a large backing from his Conservative Party, despite the leader of the Labour Party Sir Keir Starmer’s attempt to get him out sooner.

Many political journalists have been speculating as to how Mr Johnson’s relationship is with the current leadership candidates as Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak were part of his Cabinet.


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Sky News political editor Beth Rigby noted Boris Johnson has been refraining from openly supporting any of the contestants.

“Or who I might be supporting because I don’t want to affect the race, but the symbolism of Liz Truss sitting there after all of the key allies in Cabinet… Or two of the at least publically backed her, does he want Liz Truss to be anointed?”

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