Brexit no deal ‘breakdown’ to spark suffering as UK faces ‘cliff edge’, Gordon Brown rages

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Boris Johnson has told the country to “get ready” for a no deal Brexit at the end of the transition period in December. This comes after talks between the UK and EU reportedly broke down over each party’s red lines for a trade deal. Former Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown has now warned Sky News that exiting the union without a ratified agreement will only lead to more “suffering” for Britons.

He said: “Is it possible to have two cliff edges? We’ve got a cliff edge on October 31 with the lockdown happening just as the furlough scheme is ending, and we’ve now got a cliff edge over Europe.

“I do fear that on top of the loss of jobs and the loss of economic growth, that if we have tariffs imposed on our goods and this no deal breakdown imposed, then it is more suffering for people.

“It’s completely unnecessary. A deal can be done and it should be done.

“It’s necessary that it is done, and it’s actually in the interests of both Britain and Europe to do it.”

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