Brexit LIVE: ‘Show ballot paper’ Brexiteer brilliantly shuts down ‘lazy’ Remoaner point

Britain is violating Brexit fishing agreements says spokesperson

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Many Britons have commented that Brexiteers got what they wanted, often citing increased red tape since leaving the bloc and decreased influence on the world stage. But Jamie Bryson, unionist activist, has slapped this down and wrote on Twitter: “The lazy line that ‘Brexiteers got what they voted for’ is devoid of substance. It can be answered easily: Show me where on the ballot paper it said ‘GB to leave the EU, NI to be left primarily in the EU & the Union of GB & NI to be fundamentally shattered’?” In his Churchill Lecture at the University of Zurich, Lord Frost echoed what Mr Bryson said: “We never wanted this appalling bitterness and it is frustrating to Brexiteers that we have somehow attracted much of the blame for it.”


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