Brexit-hating Rejoiners will side with FRENCH fishermen in future skirmishes warns expert

Brexit: Remainers ‘don’t want UK to succeed’ says McCrae

Bruges Group social and political commentator Dr Niall McCrae warned that skirmishes at sea between Britain and French fishermen could still occur post-Brexit. During an interview with, Dr McCrae insisted that these could occur due to frustrations from British fishermen over the Brexit deal and lack of rule-following from the French boats. The co-author of political book, Moralitis, added that UK Rejoiners (people who want to rejoin the EU) may support French fishing boats and rights out of spite for the UK.

Dr McCrae said: “I think the French fishermen will carry on as before.

“The way that the deal has been struck means that they will legitimately more or less have the same access they have always had.

“Even though that access has been reduced slightly, do the French fishermen follow the rules?”

Dr McCrae also reflected on potential skirmishes in the future between the French and British fishermen.

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He said: “If you look at French society, how it would respond to skirmishes, the bulk of French society would support their fishermen.

“In Britain, we have got such a vociferous anti-Brexit movement, it is still there now.

“There are still lots of people using the FBPE (Follow Back, Pro-EU) tag on Twitter, it is still very active.

“They don’t want Britain to succeed, I can imagine if there are any altercations at sea, the Remainers in this country will support the other side.”

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Dr McCrae argued the French navy also had a role to play in the British waters regarding fishing.

He insisted the UK should have shown its strength immediately post-Brexit with the use of our navy to police British waters.

He said: “The French also have a much more robust navy, the British Royal Navy now seems to be practically impotent.

“As I have called for before that there should have been a fleet of cutters, commissioned a long time ago.

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“They should be available so we could police our waters in the post-Brexit world.”

Dr McCrae added that the frustration by British fishermen over the Brexit fishing deal would not go away quickly. 

He claimed, as the next G7 meeting is set in Cornwall, fishermen and those part of the community could go to protest in hopes of forcing Britain to get a more fruitful fishing trade deal with the European Union.

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