Brexit fury as Boris told to WALK AWAY from EU trade talks – ‘End this farce!’

We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. readers voted in our poll on whether the UK should withdraw from negotiations with Brussels and get ready for no deal. A huge 96 percent of respondents demanded Britain abandon trade talks, while just four percent said Boris Johnson should not.

Commenting on the poll, one reader fumed: “Any sort of deal with the EU, will mean that they will still have their claws into us, It would be far better for our country to leave with a No Deal, Deals can be made next year after we have left the EU completely, We would then have a better bargaining position.”

Another wrote: “If there are still issues after seven rounds of talks then its time to leave the table.

“If it is the same issues…Fishing rights to which the EU has no claim. Level Playing Field designed to make us un-competitive and tied to them and following the ECJ then this really has to end and end now. It is not going anywhere.”

A third blasted: “We don’t want a deal and we don’t need a deal.

“What we do want is to end this farce.

“We should by now have been making preparations for trading under WTO rules.”

Another demanded: “Walk away today, politically they do not want a mutually beneficial deal they need a one sided deal for their political project to survive. Walk, talk later.”

A fifth commented: “4 wasted years talking and talking, no progress what so ever, they still want our fishing grounds and tie us to their level playing field, we want Brexit which means, no fishing or level playing field, stalemate, tick tock EU, time is really running out and our position is hardening every day.”

Another added: “Obviously yes, but we should have prepared for a no deal four years ago.

“Good to see 97 per cent agreed with me at the time I voted.”

One more said: “We should have walked away 4 years ago.

“The one and only purpose of any of the talks since 2016 has been to keep us under the control of Brussels.”

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Our poll comes as the latest round of trade talks is taking place in Brussels this week.

On Monday, a Downing Street spokesman insisted the Government is still confident a deal can be reached in September.

The spokesman said: “There are many issues that will be discussed during this week’s round, not least level playing field, fisheries, trading goods and services amongst others.”

He added that the Government “will continue to work to plug the gaps where any differences remain”.

And a spokesman for the EU Commission today warned an agreement must be struck by the end of October for it to be ratified in time.

They said: “The important thing to note – and I would point you first of all back to what Michel Barnier himself said in London at the end of the last round of negotiations – that, first of all, we want a deal, we want to have an ambitious and fair partnership with the UK, and that we must come to an agreement in October at the latest.

“This week and over the coming weeks we will remain constructive, we will remain engaged and respectful with the UK negotiating team in order to reach a deal.”

But little progress has been made so far in the negotiations led by the Prime Minister’s Europe adviser David Frost on the UK side and his EU counterpart Michel Barnier.

Key sticking points include fishing and the level playing field.

The UK officially left the EU on January 31.

Britain is in a transition period with Brussels until the end of the year while the two sides attempt to thrash out a post-Brexit trade agreement. polled 9,813 people on its website on August 18.

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