Brexit fishing VICTORY: Peer claims new system will help UK fishermen – ‘B***er off EU’

Fishing: Lord Moylan reveals 'immediate problem'

Conservative peer Lord Moylan argued that a Brexit transition period on fishing would greatly benefit UK fishermen. During an interview, he said an agreed transition period would allow UK fishermen the time to increase their fishing capacity so that as EU vessels fish less in UK waters, British fishermen could have the infrastructure to take advantage of. However, he noted that if Brussels were to refuse to play ball with the UK and concede, they can “b***er off”.

Lord Moylan said: “As long as the fishing transition is sensible it works for British fishermen too.

“Their immediate problem is they don’t have fleets large enough to catch all the fish.

“They need time to build up their fishing and fleet capacity.”

He continued: “No fisherman thinks the UK can take all the fish that the Europeans take tomorrow.

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“That is simply a lot of fish and we do not have the boats.

“A transition of how you catch it seems to be the most reasonable for both sides between two friendly states.

“But if the EU doesn’t want to be friendly, they can b***er off.”

Lord Moylan also reiterated the importance of getting a good agreement on fishing that allows British fishermen to thrive in the future.

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He said: “Once they have built up their fleets they will get the economic benefits.

“The first thing is to get the legal control completely understood.

“Then the fishing fleet has time to build up so they can take the economic advantages of it.”

Lord Moylan insisted a good conversation between both sides regarding fish could see both sides benefit in the long term.

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Former Home Secretary Amber Rudd has suggested that a fishing trade deal is likely to be agreed because of the UK’s need to slowly scale up its fishing capacities.

While on the BBC’s show Politics Live she said: “Ultimately, I think both sides, the EU and even Macron, and the UK will be able to come to an agreement because it will be about some sort of compromise over a period of years.

“Quite frankly that will suit the UK because however much of our fishing waters we reclaim we are not ready to fish that amount all over again.

“So, we are going to need a period of a few years.”

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