Boris Johnson warned he’s on ‘borrowed time’ as voters say their support rests on Brexit

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The UK is barely recognisable from last year when voters went to the polls before Christmas to help the Tories win back their majority. Now, four months after the nationwide lockdown was ordered the number of Britons who have been infected by the novel coronavirus stands at 291,373 while the official death toll has climbed to 44,968.

While the Prime Minister has won praise for his handling of the epidemic on many fronts, he has also been on the receiving end of fierce criticism.

And in the midst of the country’s biggest crisis in a generation, the no-small matter of post-Brexit trade remains on the agenda.

Five months after the EU and the UK kicked off negotiations, both sides remain at loggerheads over issues such as fishing rights and the so-called “level playing field”.

The trade-policy term refers to the bloc’s demand for Britain to adopt a set of common rules and standards that would prevent it from gaining an unfair advantage over Brussels after the transition period deadline on December 31. conducted an exclusive poll to gauge readers’ views on how they feel political parties have performed in recent months, and the results may come as a surprise for some.

Readers were asked: “Who would you vote for if there was a general election today?”

The overwhelming majority (63 percent; 7,390) said they would back the Tories.

Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party scored the second-highest, gaining 27 percent (3,034) of the vote.

Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party was next on eight percent (902) followed by 173 readers (one percent) who said they were undecided.

The Liberal Democrats scooped only 89 votes while the Greens came home with 87.

One percent (134) of respondents said they would vote for “other” parties.

Many readers said the quality of Brexit delivered by the Prime Minister would determine who they would vote for in the country’s next general election.

One said: “These votes will change if Boris does not deliver Brexit in FULL with no deal and no withdrawal agreement.”

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A second person said if the UK remained tied to EU rules in any way they would not vote for the Tory Party but instead support the Brexit Party.

They wrote: “Boris and co MUST get us out of the EU cleanly.

“Any ties and it will be the Brexit Party for me next time.”

And yet another said they would be willing to desert the Tories and head over to Mr Farage’s group if they felt betrayed.

They said: “Unless Boris gets us out pretty soon lock stock and barrel, the Brexit Party or whatever next they might call themselves.”

One person warned that the Prime Minister should wake up to the fact that he is now on “borrowed time” as December 31 inches closer with no trade deal in sight.

The reader said: “Boris is on borrowed time.

“If he does not deliver complete separation from the EU dictatorship then it’s welcome back Sir Nigel.”

Another said they would give their vote to Mr Farage’s group due to how much the Conservative Party has changed in recent years.

They said: “I still believe the Brexit Party is the only true British party that represents British people’s interests.

“Boris has shown he dilly dallies too much and swings too much to the Left.

“The Tory Party has never completely regained its Tory values!”

The poll was published on the website at 10.26am and closed at 10.45pm on July 14.

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