Bill Cash warns Remainer parties of hindering Brexit Britain with plot to block bill

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During a speech in the House of Commons, Sir Bill Cash argued amendments needed to be made to the agreed withdrawal agreement. He noted the clauses would ensure Britain had the flexibility to expand and grow regardless of whether a Brexit trade deal agreement is completed with the EU. He demanded opposition parties support the Government and vote for it later this week.

He said: “This bill is about the economic future of our future generations.

“It is about a new competition law that is administered on our terms, in our own country, in our own courts.”

He added: “I have to say this to the honorable gentleman from the SNP.

“It is all very well to talk about in terms of independence but they will not thank him or the honourable lady from Plaid Cymru.

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“They will not thank anyone from any other party in the UK when they find the truth comes home to roost.

“The truth being the EU will not allow us to compete favourably at all.

“Their cardinal principle is to make sure we cannot compete with them and I believe that is a reason in itself that we have to stand firm on the clauses.

Sir Bill went into greater detail regarding the clauses to the Brexit bill and reitterated their importance.

He said: “These clauses are a matter of national interest and sovereignty.

“These clauses, for which I can say I played a part in developing.

“We would continue to be subjected to EU laws on terms and conditions imposed upon us by then.

“The bottom line is, this situation cannot be allowed to continue in the vital national interest of the country.”

Sir Bill then remarked on a conversation he had with another MP where he explained the importance of making amendments to the Bill.

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He said: “I believed the member for Bromley and Cehislehurst Robert Neill is understanding the importance perhaps a little better.

“Yesterday I got the impression he was very concerned about breaking international.

“This is about our soverignty, our ability to maintain political and economical sovereignty.

“We want to be able to save jobs, develop them, create enterprise and this is not a small matter, it is monumental.”

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