BBC’s Katya Adler predicts EU will defy Macron as Brussels prepares ‘big compromises’

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BBC’s Brussels correspondent Katya Adler revealed the EU’s tough line on the Brussels summit this week will be followed by “big compromises” on Brexit. Speaking to the BBC’s Newscast, Ms Adler predicted a deal will likely come in early December, regardless of what Prime Minister Boris Johnson says today. Last month, Johnson set a deal deadline of 15 October, declaring if nothing had been agreed, both sides should “accept that and move on”.

The Prime Minister is expected to make a crunch decision later today on whether the UK will continue with Brexit talks.

Ms Adler told the BBC: “It has got to get really difficult now for both sides to say, we have got to the edge of the precipice but we have decided to come up with a deal as grown-ups.”

BBC’s Chris Mason questioned what the “final deadline” for a deal was, given that Boris Johnson’s own deadline and Michel Barnier’s deadline for the end of the month.”

The BBC’s Brussels correspondent responded: “Deadlines are there to be broken.”

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She added: “The EU may be mocking the Prime Minister but they are exactly the same with their deadlines.

“I think early December we might see something, that is what people in Brussels are saying.

“With every EU meeting, it creeps further and further towards the end of the year.”

Ms Adler had earlier tweeted the EU’s tough rhetoric at the summit on Thursday was an attempt to “play to their domestic gallery”.

The BBC correspondent tweeted: “This is the last stage of the trade negotiations. We’re poised ahead of the chapter of Big Compromises.

“Neither the UK nor the EU want to go first. Both want to signal to their home crowd that THEIR interests are being protected.

“Macron is focused on upcoming French presidential elections. His main rival: a nationalist eurosceptic.

“When Macron insists publicly about maintaining French fishing rights in UK waters because they didn’t choose #Brexit – his aim is to sound nationalist + show leaving EU is costly.”


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She added: “Interesting to note EU leaders had a closed-door meeting with no mobile devices allowed.

“Of course they discussed possible compromises EU could make to reach a deal. We heard as much from Angela Merkel.”

Earlier today, German Chancellor Angela Merkel called on Boris Johnson to keep negotiating over Brexit, saying the EU will need to compromise as well as the UK.

Ms Merkel’s claims are designed the lower tensions after Emmanuel Macron and other EU leaders warned Boris Johnson that he must swallow the bloc’s conditions if he wants a deal.

No 10 took the EU’s tough line as a direct challenge to the Prime Minister’s threat to walk out on the talks.

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