Bartender to stop MPs from drinking too much

The House of Commons is looking for a bartender who can tell customers when they have drunk too much.

The job description states that the successful applicant must “attempt to limit problems related to customers’ excessive drinking by following established procedures”.

Parliament has been blighted in recent years by reports of a heavy drinking culture.

The new bartender will have responsibilities to deal with those who are the worse for wear.

One veteran MP said: “Blimey. You have to be a strong character to deal with people who have had too much to drink in any bar across the country.

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“It’s the right thing to do because if somebody is being leery and badly behaved it’s right they should be turned away.

“That’s the culture we want here anyway.”

Another MP said: “I would have thought that was a full-time job rather than just part of the job spec… Some people are down there so often you think that’s actually their office.”

The bartender will be charged with dealing with problem drinking while encouraging other customers to return to the bar.

A key goal is creating a “warm and welcoming atmosphere for all our customers, with the key aim of retaining and attracting new customers”.

Applicants will face counter-terrorism checks. To go through this process, applicants “must have normally resided in the UK for a minimum of three years out of the last five years”.

A research paper into MPs’ drinking published by BMJ Open in 2020 found that the “overall rate of risky drinking was higher than in the English population but did not differ significantly from groups comparable in both socioeconomic and occupational status”.

The job comes with a salary of £24,457. Applicants have until 11.55pm on Sunday to apply.

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