Article 16 NOW! Boris urged to take ‘nuclear option’ after EU’s Brexit demands

Arlene Foster says more needs to be done for Northern Ireland

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European Commission vice president Maros Sefcovic told European leaders last night that the EU will drop 80 percent of Irish Sea border checks that have been causing major shortages, but in order to do so, the power of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) must remain in Northern Ireland.


Mr Sefcovic said: “I believe we share the same goals of prosperity, stability and peace on the island of Ireland.

He added: “I hope that we share the same goal of making sure the businesses and people of Northern Ireland benefits from the dual market.

“You cannot have access to the single market without the jurisdiction of the ECJ.”

Lord Frost believes that the EU’s refusal to remove ECJ powers from Northern Ireland could lead to serious societal issues and may warrant triggering the so-called nuclear option.

In a poll of 4,846 Express readers, held from October 13 to 14, 97 percent of voters said the UK should trigger Article 16 in response to Sefcovic’s stubborn refusal.

One voter argued: “The EU courts should never have been given any control over the UK after we were supposed to have left the EU fully.

“The UK needs to say what we will do and what is best for the UK, as what we have at present is abysmal.”

On Tuesday night in Lisbon, Lord Frost had told EU ministers: “The role of the European Court of Justice and the EU institutions in Northern Ireland create a situation where there appears to be no discretion about how provisions in the Protocol are implemented.

He added: “The EU can make laws which apply in Northern Ireland without any kind of democratic scrutiny or discussion.

“Even now, as the EU considers possible solutions, there is an air of it saying ‘we have decided what’s best for you, and will now implement it.’”

Numerous calls were made among voters for the Prime Minister to not only tear up Article 16, but to go straight to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) to facilitate a trade agreement between the UK and the EU on Northern Ireland.

One reader said: “Perhaps calling Article 16 is only going to prolong the agony, we should go straight to WTO, and start by kicking out all EU boats from our waters.”

During Mr Sefcovic’s speech, he referred to Northern Ireland as a separate entity from the UK, calling the UK a so-called ‘third country’, according to Jayne Adye, Director of the Get Britain Out campaign.

She said: “Northern Ireland is part of the UK and this is not up for debate!”

Express readers agreed that diplomats in the EU are not negotiating on Northern Ireland by considering it as a part of the UK.

Another reader raged: “This is nothing less than a land grab by the EU. Northern Ireland belongs to the UK not to the EU.

“Tell them to take a walk Boris, let us hear you loud and long telling ‘our friends’ in the EU to BACK OFF! Northern Ireland is BRITISH!”

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