Angela Rayner vows Labour will have a female leader after Keir

Angela Rayner, the MP for Ashton-under-Lyne, hinted at her own future as she expressed her firm belief that a woman will be the next leader of the Labour Party.

During an event with The Global Institute for Women’s Leadership, when probed about her own aspirations to lead the opposition party, she said she would “never say never” as she made a scathing dig at former PM Boris Johnson.

Asked why her party has yet to be helmed by a woman, the deputy leader of the Labour Party assured listeners that she would advocate for the successor of the incumbent leader, Keir Starmer, to be a woman.

She said: “The talent is there. Whether it’s me or someone else, I will push to make sure there is a female leader after Keir Starmer.”

When further pressed if she saw herself in the top role, Rayner replied: “I’ll never say never. With Boris Johnson, the bar is so low that imposter syndrome has completely evaporated for me.”

She added: “I’d like to aim a bit higher than that but it did prove anyone can be prime minister. The most important thing for me is being in the place I’ll make the most difference.”

While in conversation with former Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, at King’s College London on Wednesday (June 21), Rayner discussed the ‘cultural’ roadblocks that women, particularly those from backgrounds like hers, confront when venturing into politics.

The proud mum-of-three who was raised on a council estate in Stockport underscored the often challenging work-life balance, particularly for women wanting to “have it all”, but highlighted her optimism for improving gender diversity within Labour.

Praising the progress made by female politicians in her party, such as Harriet Harman and Yvette Cooper, she confidently projected that the party’s increasing gender diversity would lead to stronger policies and electoral victories.

The MP added: “We will have better policies and we will win as a result of being more diverse.”

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