Angela Rayner has revealed Labour’s plot to roll out hated ULEZ scheme across UK

Angela Rayner admits ULEZ is coming to every town

The Conservatives have accused Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner of “letting the cat out of the bag” on a secret plan to roll out Sadiq Khan’s hated ultra low emmission zone (ULEZ) drivers’ tax to “towns and cities across the whole of the UK”.

The issue has come as the latest concern with Labour receiving funding from Just Stop Oil’s bankroller, millionaire Dale Vince.

This has already led to Sir Keir Starmer announcing he will ban the drilling of oil and gas in the UK which means it will have to be imported from around the world.

Ms Rayner appeared to make the admission when she was grilled by Sky News on Sadiq Khan’s ULEZ expansion being the reason that Labour lost the Uxbridge and South Ruislip by-election when they were the clear favourites to win.

Instead, newly elected Conservative MP Steve Tuckwell declared in his victory speech that he had won because of ULEZ and Khan’s deep unpopularity in a by-election caused after Boris Johnson dramatically quit as an MP.

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Ms Rayner told Sky News: “You have got to remember that this [ULEZ] is coming to every town and city across the UK.”

The Conservatives have pointed out that their candidate for London Mayor Susan Hall has vowed to cancel ULEZ for out London on day one if she is elected.

They also have no plans to roll out the scheme to other parts of the country.

However, has previously revealed concerns that Labour is planning on using London as a test for the rest of the UK with ULEZ as well as Wales with banning building new roads.

A Conservative source said: “Angela Rayner has let the cat out of the bag for Labour plans to impose ULEZ everywhere”

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Under the current plans thousands of drivers of petrol cars older than 2005 and diesel cars older than 2015 will have to pay £12.50 a day to drive on London’s roads.

The scheme currently only affects inner London which has much better coverage with the tube, buses and public transport.

It will mean that thousands of people in outer London and who come in for work or business will be hit by the charge with very few exemptions costing people up to around £4,500 a year.

Worse still Khan is exploring options of adding a new pay by the mile charge on all drivers in London.

Sir Keir Starmer today warned that Labour policies which “appear on the front of Tory leaflets” are a problem.

But during the by-election sent out mixed messages on ULEZ and the failed Labour candidate Danny Beales said the expansion was wrong despite supporting it previously, Ms Rayner appeared to suggest that the taxpayer needed to fund a scrappage scheme instead.

Ms Rayner’s comments came ahead of thousands of people taking to the streets in central London today with Reform UK candidate and Fair Fuel UK campaigner Howard Cox to protest against ULEZ.

Ms Rayner said during the interview: “Obviously there was a local issue around the ULEZ charge and the level of scrappage for people to be able to do the right thing and that is something we need to reflect on.

“If you put that in the context of 13 years of Conservative failure and the cost of living crisis at the moment people were like we cannot accept another cost on top of that without the appropreiate scrappage so they can do the right thing.”

She pointed out that Boris Johnson introduced the scheme in inner London and called on the Conservatives in Government to use taxpayers’ money to fund an expensive scrappage scheme.

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